Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Cuff Bracelet - Shopping Local Artists in Asheville, NC

While in North Carolina, I was lucky enough to get a couple hours to myself in downtown Asheville. I headed straight for the places where I knew I could find the work of local artists. One of these places was Woolworth on Haywood Street. It's actually a F.W. Woolworth Co. store that was established in 1938 and then renovated in 2001. Now it's home to the work of over 170 local artists. Man do I wish we had a place like this where I live! It's a huge space with vintage floors and fixtures and they've even recreated the old fashioned soda fountain where tourists can have a refreshing treat. So fun.

So let me show you one of my finds. I have to start by saying, and this really kills me, that I don't have the artist information. The artist didn't have any business cards on their table, but there was a tag on the piece I bought. What I didn't catch was the person at the cash register kept the tag. I'm sure it's part of their record keeping, but if I had seen her cut it, I would have at least asked her to write down the artist's name. So if you are reading this and you happen to recognize the artist, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Here is the piece that caught my eye. It's an extra long cuff bracelet pieced together from different fabric. Parts of it look woven and other parts sewn. The thread that holds it together is part of the design creating patterns through the bracelet and adding color and texture. I love how long it is. I think that is what makes it stand out. I also love that you can wear it more than one way. You can have it come down over your hand almost like a fingerless mitt or turn it around and have the length going up your arm. I've also played around with folding up the cuff. So many possibilities. It's close fitting so you could even layer a watch or bracelets on top. I love it!

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