Friday, October 24, 2008

Dyeing Soy Silk in Skin Tone Colors

Good Morning. Just a quick tidbit today. After our conversations about felting with plant fibers, I've decided to dye some soy silk today in skin tones. One of my biggest sellers at Wind Rose is Merino wool that I dye in a line I developed of 8 skin tones. I imagine that my biggest customers are probably from the felting community. After my own experiment needle felting with soy silk and the recent conversation I had with felt artists at Etsy, I feel like there might be some interest in soy silk in more natural colors. I guess there is only one way to find out!

So here's my kitchen counter, lined with bowls of roving. They are divided into four ounce sections and will each be dyed a different color. The soy silk is in the foreground and the circle of white you see in each bowl is firestar. Firestar is a sparkling nylon and I give a little piece of it away with each ounce of roving I sell. It's fun to play with and can add a nice glitz to any handspun or can be blended in small amounts to enhance a felting project. A little goes a long way. It's just a little treat I like to give to my customers to say thank you.

So do I worry about sales when I try something new? Not really. I guess I figure if the felters aren't interested, the colors are still natrual and pretty and the spinners will enjoy them. As a spinner myself, I'm always happy to play with leftovers. I guess my tidbit turned into more of a wordy post. I blame the coffee! :D See you soon.

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