Monday, May 16, 2011

My 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf ~ I finished!

The last time I posted about my 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf, things weren't going so well. My lacy handspun yarn was making the project a challenge and it didn't help that I was reading one row of the pattern wrong at first. I was getting frustrated with myself.

Not long after that post, things clicked into place and I was able to navigate through the pattern with much less of a furrowed brow. No I can happily show you my finished Infinity Scarf. I haven't blocked it yet, but I just couldn't wait any longer to take a picture.

My light and lacy version is much more appropriate for the climate in which I live, however, if I make another, I'll reduce the length by a couple feet. It's a six foot scarf which means it easily wraps around my neck three times. I think I'd prefer something closer to four feet. Of course it hardly matters. I'm just happy to celebrate the completion of my third knitting project.

One of my goals in choosing the Infinity Scarf was to get comfortable with circular needles. The first pair I bought was made by Clover and the stiffness of the plastic cord really bothered me. Then I happened to do some shopping on Amazon. One pair of Clover needles at Michaels cost $8.99, but I noticed I could buy a whole set by StichBerry for $19.99. I just linked you to the 40" set so you can check them out, but they come in different lengths.

With this great a price difference, I knew that I was taking a risk. Perhaps these needles would be hopelessly inferior in some way, but for $20, I was willing to try. I have to tell you, it was a risk worth taking. I love my circs from StitchBerry. They are still bamboo needles and they are each marked with their sizes. The main difference was a more relaxed plastic cord. Hooray! They are just what I was hoping for. My collection didn't come with every size, but to get 15 sets for $20 and like them better than the one pair I bought for $9 says it all. I'm a happy shopper!

Okay, I know this post is starting to sound like a product endorsement, but when you find a good deal, it's hard not to share. So what's next for me and knitting? Well, I want to make a little baby something of some kind because I have a friend with a little boy on the way. Aside from that, I kind of want to finish up a tatting project I have in the works. I'll have to tell you all about it in my next post. Bye for now...


Neferi said...

Oh dear, I love the colors, too ♥

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