Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Saguaro

Happy New Year's Eve! I'm enjoying a quite, relaxing end to 2010. In fact, I'm sort of making a point of it. It feels good to spend a couple days without creating my mental lists of things I want to accomplish. Of course my mind goes there anyway out of habit, but then I tell it to hush!

I have another Christmas show and tell for you. This adorable crocheted cactus was one of my presents. I was tickled because I had just been admiring some patterns for these little guys. They're so cute and I totally love the fuzzy yarn she used to represent the thorns.

The talented crafter who made my new saguaro plant can be found on Etsy at Catzilla Crafts. She taking a few days off right now, but she'll be back and then you can check out all of her designs.


Neferi said...

That cactus looks so real. Happy new year with yarns and needles and hooks :)

Neferi said...
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Waterrose said...

OH goodness....before I read the post...I thought it really was a Saguaro! very nice!

Happy new year!

Mimi said...

I thought it was real! It is just too cute!!