Friday, December 24, 2010

Jacob Horn Buttons

I must have been a pretty good girl this year because I received an awesome present from my friend Peg of Sweetgrass Farm. Peg is a breeder of Jacob sheep. I first discovered her and her farm when I went on the hunt for beautiful Jacob roving. She was the only one I could find selling wool that had been processed to showcase all of the gorgeous colors of this breed. It's appropriately named Jacob Swirl and is my favorite among the roving I carry.

Before I talk about the buttons, let me just say that any Jacob sheep who finds a home on Sweetgrass Farm lives a good life and is well cared for and loved. Sometimes they break off a piece of their horns, or as with all living things, life comes to and end. As their horns are so magnificent, they are saved and now Peg is looking into possible applications for them. Right now, with the help of a friend, she is making some Jacob horn buttons.

The horns seem to contain the same gorgeous range of colors as does the fleece. Still, it's incredible to me to find so much color in the cross section of a horn. The inside is hard as stone and perfectly smooth. The outside edge is textured as it is the outside of the horn.

They're so striking and the overall shape of the buttons is so appealing. I am going to have to search for the perfect garment on which to showcase these very special accessories!

Right now, Peg is not sure how many buttons she'll produce. If she decides to sell them, I'll be the first in line so I can carry some at Wind Rose. For now, I'm just enjoying the look and feel of my unexpected Christmas present. I thought you might enjoy seeing them too!

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