Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Merino ~ What's Coming & A Great Link!

Hi! My days have been jam-packed lately. I can't believe how late it is and I'm just sitting down to blog. I've got three new colors of Merino roving in the shop at Wind Rose.

Left to right we have Antique Blue, Pumpkin Patch and Violet Lights.

I also dyed a couple pounds of Soy Silk today. You should see my hands! I always start out with gloves, but when I'm painting silk, they start to feel like a nuisance and I end up bare handed. As a result, I am stained with charcoal and russet, the two strongest shades from my exploits. Tomorrow I'll be able to take pictures and show you all the new fibers.

On a final, and totally unrelated note, I have a super link for you. It's from Noodles and it's an awesome chart compiling all the keyboard shortcuts for creating special characters. It includes Windows and MacOS as well as HTML number code. It's such a handy thing to keep bookmarked. The next time I write about the Telaraña Weavers and Spinners Guild (um... now), I will not be copying and pasting to make my ñ!

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Anonymous said...

i ♥ the tilde!