Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crocheted Copper and Fiber Bracelet

Can you believe it's June already? One more school day and my kids will officially be on summer break. I can never tell whether I get more or less accomplished at Wind Rose during the summer. I feel like I'm goofing off, but in the end, I always manage to work in some creative time.

Yesterday morning, this idea came to me as I was getting ready for the day. It's a crocheted copper chain bracelet with felted fiber embellishments. I've been playing around with different kinds of felted beads lately, and this is the latest incarnation.

The clasp I'm using is a 3 strand slide lock. Starting at one end and working my way back and forth, I've created five chains which produce a bangle effect. I weave the fiber into and felt it right on the chain. In this one I have used copper wire and multicolored fiber. Here are a few more pictures:

I wish I had a hand model so I could show you how it looks on an actual person. So what do you think? Cute? Weird? Would you wear it?

I wore one out yesterday while I was doing a little shopping. It was very comfortable on and it made me happy whenever I looked down and saw it on my wrist. It's a little different and has kind of a funky edge. Well anyway, that's what I'm playing around with today.


Neferi said...

I think it´s ingenious :). And lovely.

Kelly said...

I really like this! The felt gives it just the right look!

Kristi said...

what a neat bracelet- it is both cute and weird, a combination I absolutely love.

AnnaPK said...

I love them! I am always very attracted to things made out of or with copper.

Judy said...

I love this!!! I got interested in felting quite a while back, bought some wool and made a few round beads to incorporate into my jewelry making. They didn't go over well so I didn't make anymore but have quite a bit of wool left. This is really cute. I can't wait to explore some more on your site to see what else I can come up with.