Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brand New Website for Wind Rose!

I feel like I've come full circle. Three years ago when I wanted to reinvent my business, I started working on a website. It was such a headache and I felt so limited by the software for Macs. Then I found Etsy and decided that it was just what I needed! I love Etsy and the other selling venues out there that have come along and supported the arts and crafts movement.

Still, I hate is when something gets the best of me, so I never stopped thinking about a website. Just yesterday, my friend told me about the site she was creating. She was excited and when I checked out her new digs, I was impressed. She told me she was using Office Live which is a Microsoft product. I wasn't sure how well it would work on my Mac, but I'm pleased to say that it does supply a version for Mac users. You can store up to 5GB for free. All you need to do is buy a domain, but it walks you through that process as well.

So here it is! Sound the Trumpets! It's funny really. I don't actually need a website anymore, but it just feels so good to finally conquer the beast that is web design! I decided not to make a major selling site, but rather I linked to my existing shops. It's nice to have a place in addition to this blog where the spinning, crafting and dyeing sides of me can come together.

I did, however, make a Quick Shop page. This little shop is where you will find special deals for my website customers only! I'm taking some of my favorite creations and offering them at a discount just for you. You can make your purchase with the press of a button. A PayPal account is all you need!


Jags said...

It looks great!

storybeader said...

cute site! Congrats!

alexkeller said...

I've been debating about having my own website, too - and trying out iMac. i may be asking you advice on that as well!