Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red Rock Soy Silk ~ Check out this great new color!

Here is the last new listing of the day. This one is a great new color for Wind Rose. I'm calling it Red Rock in honor of the SW and the beautiful rocky mountains we have here. This is an orange/red that is very intense and striking. I think it will be great for fall projects to add warmth and color.

So let me leave you today with a couple teasers for what's coming. It's not all just new fiber listings. I'm putting together Drop Spindle Kits for beginners that will come with a drop spindle, instructions, and two kinds of fiber. I want to give beginners some straight ecru wool and then I plan to make a designer wool batt and predraft it into pencil roving that is ready to spin. I think beginners will have much more fun getting started if they get to work with some sparkling, colorful fiber. I may even make a video for my YouTube Channel to lend a visual aid. It should take me a couple weeks to get this together and up in the shops.

One more new offering on the horizon, I'll be selling Landscapes Dyes in Sampler Sizes. Each sampler will come with easy directions and will dye up to 4oz of wool. This is perfect for anyone who works will smaller quantities or who likes to focus on one project at a time. I've been using Landscapes for years and they are wonderful dyes for wool, silk and nylon. If you are a fan of the Jacquard Dyes that I already sell, not to worry, they are here to stay.

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Jags said...

The kits are a great idea!

I would have definitely bought one when I started in December :)

I usually have a couple of toy wheel spindles on hand to get my friends addicted to spinning, I just gave away my last one too!