Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soy Silks ~ Vermillion and Emerald

I'm keeping the fiber coming this week with two new shades of Soy Silk. One the left is Vermillion and Emerald is on the right. Click on the name links to go to Etsy and the pics to head on over to ArtFire.

I even have a tip for you today. I don't generally add vinegar to my presoaks. I find that my wool dyes more evenly if I add the vinegar to the dye pot later in the process. Yesterday, however, I tried adding vinegar to the soy silk as it was soaking in preparation for the dyeing process. This really seemed to make a difference. I think it made the soy silk much more receptive to the dye. The process moved more quickly and the fiber took the dye more evenly and with less stirring. This is a great discovery because soy silk does like to cling to itself when it is wet. this can make it hard to get the dye to work all the way through the roving for an even dye.

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