Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ack! Pattern Writing! Ack!

Tall Muk Luk shell waiting for a sole and top trim.
Sometimes it's nice to have a blog so you can share the sheer "ack" of it all!  Writing my Tall Muk Luks pattern was making me crazy.  I always knew that it would be challenging to write this design  in a concise and approachable way.  Well, I was right.  

As you know, legs and feet come in all shapes and sizes.  Attempting to accommodate as many as possible has really added to the ack factor.  A little over a week ago, I got so frustrated that I just walked away.  I told myself that it was because I had to pay my taxes and take a road trip to my son's college.  Both were true, but not really the reason I was avoiding my crochet hooks. 

I can only write about this now because I seem to have overcome my stumbling blocks.  Everything is falling neatly into place and all I really have left to do is to make a test pair of each size.  I also need to take some pictures which means finally bonding with my new Nikon 3300.  This will certainly lead to another vent-tastic blog post.  Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I stumbled upon your Mini Muks pattern just last night... I LOVE IT. Can't wait for the tall version and will be happy to pay for all your hard work creating a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi...Fantastic Mini Muk! I hope that the tall Muk pattern is going well. Will it be done next year? Sue in Eugene Oregon

Unknown said...

Hello love these tall boots wondering if the pattern is done and somewhere I am not seeing. Thanks for all your hard work love these!!

Jenn said...

The pattern for the Tall Muk Luks is finally complete. I link to it in my latest blog post or you can visit Wind Rose Fiber Studio on Etsy. Copy and paste this link to go directly to the listing:


Best wishes, Jenn