Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's go for a spin!

Hey hey, so I was surfing around as people do, and I came across this link for Spinzilla.  What this?  A spinning event of which I have not heard?  No!  As it turns out, Spinzilla is a brand new, monster week of spinning being put on by The National Needle Arts Association.  Like the Tour de Fleece, there are teams and prizes and plenty of comradery.

You can spin along on Ravelry in the Spinzilla group.  I'm on team Louet North America if you want to hang out with me.   Registration for the event is open until September 23rd and the spinning week begins on October 7th.  This gives you plenty of time to prepare a fun stash of fiber which is what I have begun to do.  The dyed mixed BFL pictured here is just the first 4oz of the fiber I'll be spinning.  


Chris said...

Hi Jenn, I have just asked a Q on yr Miser Purse Part II blog. Wondering if you can help, I am going crazy trying to get the pattern to work for me. Thank you so much, Chris

Jenn said...

Hi, It's 1:06 in AZ and I'm sitting down to see if I can clarify Part II of the pattern for you. If you want to follow along in real time, I'm posting updated on Facebook on my Wind Rose Fiber Studio page.

Once I'm done, I'll be posting a new blog post entitled Tasseled Miser's Purse - Part II Help

If you happen to see this and can pinpoint where things get the most confusing, I will know where to focus my efforts. I hope I am able to help. ~ Jenn