Friday, November 4, 2011

Double Ended Crochet

Yesterday I spent a little time exploring double ended crochet or crocheting with a double ended hook. The easiest way to describe this form of crochet is that it's basically Tunisian crochet working with two yarns. You pick up a row of stitches, then slide your work to the other end of the double ended crochet hook. Then you give your hook a 180º turn and work the stitches off with a second color. Sticking with color number 2, you pick up the next row of stitches then turn your hook again and switch back to the first color.

I realize that this doesn't make much sense if you are unfamiliar with Tunisian crochet. In fact, the knitters out there may be nodding in understanding more than many crochet enthusiasts. Actually, Tunisian and double ended crochet are very similar to knitting in that you first pick up stitches and then work them off again. The fabric created is very much like knitted fabric only it's just one hook doing all the work.

The fun thing about double ended crochet is that you can make things that are reversible. One side will have one look and the flip side another, but there is no wrong side. This can make designing pretty interesting and fun. I crocheted a little example. The two swatches in the picture are actually the same piece of fabric. It's just been photographed from both sides. On one side, the blue seems to dominate and on the other, the burgundy is highlighted. Both sides have a textured, two-toned appearance making for an eye-catching look.

If you are interested in learning more about double ended crochet, Crochet Master Class has a nice tutorial. There are also quite a few patterns available. Try working with multicolored yarn or textured yarn for really fun results. Right now, I'm making a reversible version of my City Scarf with a solid color on one side and a variegated color on the other. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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