Friday, July 22, 2011

Hemp Roving in Four Great Colors!

Yesterday I took some time out to dye. I've been meaning to replenish my hemp colors for some time now. I spend most of my time dyeing protein fibers like wool and silk, so when I work with a plant fiber like hemp, I often feel a little rusty. There are extra steps in the process and ingredients too. Somehow, it all comes back to me and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the vivid results. It's hard to imagine that these bold colors started out as brown hemp roving.

I only have a couple ounces of each so I like to let my blog readers know first so you can claim them if you want them. The colors are Fire Red, Deep Purple, Avocado Green, and Marigold.


WonderWhyGal said...

oooooh, I've never spun hemp before.

Spinster Beth said...

Me neither ... if you spin some, please post pictures!

Jenn said...

Hemp is pretty cool to spin. The wild thing about it is that you really don't have to set the twist. It spins right into that singles cord you can buy in craft stores. I did a two ply once for fun and that turned out pretty too.

Here's a little youtube video I made on spinning jute a couple years ago: