Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fiber Arts for the Front Door!

I was excited to finish my tatted mandala yesterday.  It meant that I was free to do the next big tatted project that I had in my head.  I've been wanting to making decorations for my front doors.  It seems only right that the house of a fiber lover should be somehow be adorned in yarn.

The thought to make front door decor first came to me in December.  I had a design for Christmas wreaths all worked out, but I just couldn't find the time to devote to them.   Since spring in on the way, I changed my plan and decided to make giant flowers.  I have a little tatted flower that I like to make as a charm.  It's cute with an over-sized bloom and little curved stem.  It's the kind of flower you would expect to find on a visit to Wonderland with Alice.  Yesterday, I set out to make a big version of this friendly flower.

After lunch today, I finished my giant flowers.  I made two because I have double front doors.  I tied them right onto the doors even though I do own those metal wreath hanging things.  I thought the hangers were too distracting.  Flowers don't hang, they grow, right?  I guess these are sort of floating in space which is strange, but maybe not stranger than having tatted flowers on your door in the first place.  Projects like these make me happy.  

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Jimmy said...

That looks so pretty! Any door would be proud to wear one! ^^