Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Handspun Tunis

Here's my Tunis all spun into just over 100 yards of light weight yarn.  This isn't exactly an example of my best spinning or plying for that matter.  I was kind of playing around with my new wheel and I also wasn't trying very hard.  Sometimes, it's fun to just spin while watching tv or hanging out.

If I had been a bit more serious and committed to turning this fiber into a nice skein, I think it would have helped to run it through my carder.  This Tunis really did have a shorter staple and the length was a little inconsistent.  In retrospect, it would have been nice to blend it with another fiber.

Now I feel like I'm picking on this Tunis, but I don't mean to.  While this yarn might be a little on the rustic side, I think it will be very pretty made into ornaments.  Rustic and homey is what I'm going for with my 2012 Ornament Project, so I think this yarn will be perfect.  I think it would be interesting to find some Tunis with a longer staple just to compare the two. 


Jerry (Shearer/Fiber Artist) said...
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Jerry (Shearer/Fiber Artist) said...

I am still learning how to use blogger! sorry for the double comment. I love the yarn! I like to spin just like that, so right up my alley. Thanks for the previous post about Tunis also.
Glad you all around liked it and it is a great blending fiber. There should be longer staple length Tunis fleeces out there, and you are right about AZ, the heat does a job on them. The ram in this flock has longer staple 4-5 inches but that fleece gets scooped up first pick of course, on Shearing day at the farm. So glad you tried it and your ornaments are a great project. I will be spinning some soon, can't wait.