Thursday, February 9, 2012

Direct Checkout is Coming to Etsy

I was just on Facebook seeing what my peeps are up to, when I saw an interesting update from Dank Artistry.  Etsy is rolling out Direct Checkout.  This means that before long, you can shop on Etsy without a PayPal account.  That's right, you can buy something from Wind Rose Fiber Studio with just a regular old credit card.  

I've added my shop to the queue and just as soon as my turn comes up, I'll be accepting major credit cards at Wind Rose.  I think it's a nice improvement to give buyers a choice.  You will still have the option of paying with PayPal if you prefer.  Personally, I'm a fan of PayPal, but it's always nice to have options!


Lona said...

I'm not so sure. Did you know that we could pay with credit cards through Paypal before? Even without an account? I'm not a BIG fan of Paypal, but I trust them to handle my funds more than I trust Etsy to do so. I'm going to wait and see how it goes for other folks first. (Call me Nervous Nellie if you want--you wouldn't be the first to do so.) =)

Jenn said...

When I read all the FAQs and trouble shooting stuff, I get a little apprehensive too. I guess I'm signing up to be a guinea pig. I don't usually do that. Maybe I should give it more thought?