Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oversized Needle Tatting Basics on Video

I just finished one more video on Oversized Needle Tatting.  This one covers a few more of the basics.  If you are brand new to tatting, this video will get you started.  Even though I am using a very large tatting needle and super bulky yarn, the same techniques apply for thread and small needles.  Whether you're tatting on a traditional scale or giving my Oversized Needle Tatting a try, this video takes you carefully through how to make a double stitch, how to deal with a knot in your yarn and more.


Lee said...

Jenn, I ordered the 12-inch oversized needle from you last week, it arrived safely this morning!
Could not wait till evening to get started with it.
I used a loop of #10 crochet thread as a "threader" and put on some Thick and Quick bulky weight.
What addictive fun!
I plan to make a little tube or envelope from plastic canvas so I can transport the needle safely. Or, should I say, "needles" - one is not enough ;-)
Thank you for this beautiful and useful product and your terrific customer service.

Jenn said...

Hi, I'm so pleased that you are happy with your needle. I love the threader idea. I may have to use that one. :)