Saturday, February 16, 2013

Knitting Ribbon Waves

Blogs are a wonderful form of procrastination.  I have company coming tomorrow and I really should be tidying mi casa, but here I am blogging.  ¡Lo siento casa!

Earlier today, the sun was my excuse for not doing chores.  It is freakishly gorgeous here in the Phoenix valley.  It's almost 80º, breezy with wispy clouds dancing across the blue.  How can one be expected to make a bed on a day like today?  I grabbed my knitting and went out to cop a squat in the middle of my grassy backyard.  My cat, who is also a sun worshiper, followed me and the two of us soaked up the sun together.  

This ribbon is a painted, 3/4" nylon fiber with gold thread running through.  It's so pretty out in the sun where the light sparkles off the thread illuminating the colors.  The dropped stitches are forming these fabulous bubbles and I love the way the colors are moving across the piece.  Sometimes it's hard to know how variegated fibers will turn out.  A slightly different width and I could have a scarf where the colors are split down the middle.  I like this so much more.  It's like they are traveling in waves to compliment the pattern.  

I should tell you what ribbon I'm using.  The truth is I pulled it from my stash and I had already removed the label.  I believe it is Segue Yarn in the color Peacock.  I linked to the free pattern in my post entitled Knitting Waves.  Okay, I guess I can't avoid my house any longer.  I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!