Saturday, January 5, 2013

One More Resolution

I never used to make resolutions, not in earnest anyway.  At present however, I have many.  I thought I had recognized each one and paid it homage, but now I have one more.  This is the year I let my past creations out of the closet!

My studio closet is stuffed full of things I have made, some dating back more than 6 years.  They are scattered around the room too, like this fulled hat and scarf set nonchalantly adorning my mannequin.  This year I resolve to photograph and list everything into my shop.    

This feels awkward because some of the items are outdated.  I still have a few ponchos from when they made their comeback in the early 2000's.  I have things that no longer reflect my style or focus and therefore don't represent me in the present tense, but I'm going to put all this aside.  It's all just ego anyway.  I am going to list them and if they are a bit outdated, I'll just offer them at a great price.  

I think this will be a good thing.  Not only will it potentially free up space, but hopefully my mind as well.  In with the new!


Lona said...

Out with the old; in with the new! Good luck to you...

Sue said...

Great idea I'm sure all your older stuff will just have a beautiful vintage vibe and fly out of your shop!