Friday, December 12, 2008

Purple Snake Bracelet - Beautiful Bead Weaving by Rose Works Jewelry

I have always had a weakness for weaving. When I started my business years ago, the only thing I sold was hand woven purses. I find myself doing all sorts of work now, but weaving will forever be one of my deep passions.

So of course I was delighted to find this beauty while looking through the shop of Rose Works Jewelry. All of her work is wonderful. I love that she pulls from popular culture in some of her designs. I'd be a much cooler mom if I wore a beaded Legend of Zelda bracelet.

This Purple Snake Bracelet is what I found myself revisiting over and over. I love how bold the pattern is while the harmonious colors keep the piece soothing and elegant. This is exactly the sort of eye catching creation that deserves a spotlight. Beautiful, Rose Works, just beautiful!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

awww - thank you so much for the feature!

ceejay said...

very nice feature. love that bracelet, and your blog! Go Pluggers United!!