Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet a New Spinner and See Her First Skeins of Yarn!

Good Morning all! December is such a busy time, isn't it? My studio has become a gathering place for gifts and wrapping. My spinning wheel sits with half a spool spun and a pile of fiber just waiting. Although I often feature other artists, much of my inspiration for this blog comes from my work. I feel like I've been lagging a bit this month as other things pull me from my wool.

So I'm very pleased to have a new spinner and her work to share with you today! About a week ago, I received a convo at Wind Rose Fiber Studio from my new acquaintance, Jags. She was looking for advice on what sort of fiber she might try. We've been chatting a little since then and she has graciously shared some pictures of her very first skeins of yarn. Actually, she started a very nice blog called Adventures Of A Fiber Addict. I was so impressed when I looked at her blog. First of all, she has been very industrious. I can't believe all the spinning she's been doing. Second, if these are her first skeins, I can't wait to see her work in a couple months. She's obviously a natural!

My fiber recommendation was Blue Faced Leicester. I think it's a nice choice starting out because it's a lovely soft fiber, but it has more texture than merino and can be a little easier to handle. Plus there is the added benefit of it being reasonably priced especially undyed. You can get a nice amount without breaking the bank. I'm glad Jags liked working with it.

I put a couple other little sample gifts in her package. I love to treat new spinners. Their enthusiasm is so inspiring and I remember how much fun it was to get new fiber in the mail. Up above, the brown on the left and the green on the right are two of the presents I sent. The brown merino looks so soft and lovely as a thick and thin and the neon green mohair turned out great. The cranberry colored yarn in the middle was made from fiber she purchased at The Flying Ewe. That skein looks amazing. She's not going to be a beginner for long is she?

Thank you Jags for sharing your beautiful new yarn with us today. I can't wait to see what you spin up next. I'm so glad you created a blog so we can share in your experience!

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