Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rainbow Beaded Yarn (226 yards)

Brand new at Wind Rose today is this incredible skein of Rainbow Beaded Yarn. Not long ago I blogged about a great bead shop I found in Scottsdale, AZ. Well, while I was shopping at Razzle-Dazzle, I picked out these eye catching glass beads from Africa. The beads have every color of the rainbow in them and I decided to go for it and combine them with a rainbow colored merino roving. The result is an unthinkably vibrant skein of yarn. I also just couldn't stop spinning once I got started. I spun and spun until I ended up with 8 whole ounces of yarn! The yarn is between a worsted and bulky weight and measures 226 yards. So often I see beautiful art yarns that only measure 40 to 75 yards and as much as I admire them, I can't help but think that there simply is not enough yardage there to make anything. At Wind Rose I'm striving to give you a little more yardage with which to create your masterpieces.

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