Friday, April 6, 2012

New Summer Scarf ~ Free Form?

 I sat down one afternoon this week and just kind of whipped up this scarf.  When I wear it, I only wrap it around my neck once and then let the ends come forward.  It's so light and airy, it's kind of like wearing a necklace, more decorative than practical.  I've gotten into wearing scarves lately, and I wanted something to wear even during the warm months.  

The back story on this piece is that I had the flowers already.  A couple months ago, I was going to make this free form design from a book.  The instructions have you create motifs and then guide you in the assembly process.  I realize that using instructions to make a free form accessory is in and of itself a contradiction.  I think I was motivated by seeing some of these fantastic free form works that are made up of hundreds of small shapes.  They are very stunning and I feel drawn to them.  However, after I made all of my motifs and started putting them together, I remembered something about myself.  I don't really enjoy assemblage work.  I find it tedious.  I told myself that I must not be the free form type and on I moved. 

About a week ago I started thinking about all those motifs I had just sitting in a bag.  They were cute; flowers, wheels and little circles.  I started to play with them in my mind.  What would they like to be?  Then it came to me, how about a spring scarf?  The flowers could dangle playfully at different lengths and I could make the scarf so light that it could be worn even during a southwest summer.  I began to look through my stash for an appropriate yarn for the scarf.  I got very lucky.  I don't even remember buying this hand painted linen lace from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns.  The colors were perfect and the lace weight linen ideal.  The flowers were also made with lace weight yarn and the linen would feel good next to my skin and breath in the warm summer months.  

I guess this is my style of free form.  Now I want to turn the rest of my motifs into summer scarves.  If you're out and about this summer and you see a woman with flowers dangling from her neck, it might be me!     


WonderWhyGal said...

Why does it always seem easier, prettier and more unique to free form crochet than knit? I like it.

Heather Woollove said...

Jenn--This is fantastic! Now you'll look like all of those Danish women (or other European women) who wear thin, delicate scarves like this, year-round! XXO