Friday, April 13, 2012

Bavarian Baby Blanket

Recently, I've had two new babies enter my world.  One is the daughter of a friend and the other, my new nephew.  As a result, I've had babies on the brain.  When you see a newborn and you look into those big eyes, the feelings of wonder and joy come streaming back.  What a gift!

I thought I'd share a little peek at the baby blanket I'm making for my nephew.  I was looking through my personal library for inspiration, when I came across a book on Bavarian Crochet about which I had completely forgotten.  I purchased it rather spontaneously and then undoubtedly became distracted by numerous things.  I love the look of Bavarian crochet.  It reminds me of quilting and I especially like the way it blends colors together.  That subtle overlapping along with the texture is so appealing to me.  I hope it will appeal to my nephew too, because this is the beginning of his new blanket.   

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