Monday, November 14, 2011

Reversible Scarf ~ Double Ended Crochet

Hi. I hope everyone's week is getting off to a good start. I just thought I'd take a moment to show you how my reversible scarf is coming along. This is the first real project I've done with a double ended crochet hook. Up until now, I've just made swatches to play around with different stitch patterns.

The scarf I'm making is one of my own patterns. It's basically a long, skinny triangle which I call The City Scarf because I saw people wearing scarves like this all over the cities of Europe. It's worn with the widest point front and center and then the ends are wrapped around the neck and brought back to the front. Wait, let me go grab a picture...

Okay, here we go. In this photo, the ends are tied in front, but you get the general idea. I fell in love with this style and so when I returned home, I designed a scarf of my own.

In this reversible version I'm working on, I'm keeping things simple, literally. I'm using the Tunisian simple stitch or Tss throughout. I guess this isn't very adventurous of me, but I didn't want to get tripped up at the points of increase and decrease. This is my first effort after all. I'll mix things up a bit more on the next project.

I have a couple of close-ups so you can see both sides:

I'm using two sock weight yarns for this scarf. One is Bamboo & Ewe made by Sensations. That one is solid grey. The other yarn is Poems Socks made by Wisdom Yarns. It's a self striping yarn and the colorway is called Aurora Borealis. I think I was as drawn by the name as I was by the colors. Interestingly enough, both of these yarns were manufactured in Turkey. I guess they've come a long way to be a part of my little project!

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