Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tatted Bracelet ~ I Finally Figured It Out!

It's kind of hard to photograph this black bracelet so you can see the detail, but this represents a tatting victory for me.

All the experienced tatters out there are probably saying, "Oh, come on, that's easy!" Now that I can do it too, I get to agree. It's not a hard pattern, but I guess I had some sort of mental block.

The first time I saw this pattern, I wanted to make it. I just kept getting turned around, literally. It was so frustrating. I would look at the directions and study the picture and tell myself exactly what I needed to do, and then my hands would do something different. Maddening!

Now that I have triumphed in the battle between brain and dexterity, I will say that this design is a very good exercise in getting comfortable with the direction of curving chains and reversing stitches. I can now picture the direction I need my chains to curve in and make it happen. That feels great!

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Mimi said...

Stunning !!!!