Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Sheep Plushy by Sigikid

Okay, I know I have this same picture on my last post, but today I want to focus on the sheep plushy. This little guy also came back from Germany with my husband.

Maybe it's because my kids are getting older, but I wasn't familiar with the name Sigikid. I thought maybe it was a German company so I googled them. What I discovered is that they have been around for 40 years and Sigikid products are sold in Germany, France, England and the United States. I'm guessing that there are plenty of moms who are more than familiar with this brand.

Still, I thought I'd link to Sigikid today, because I really enjoyed looking around their website. They have a really cool range of products in their Cuddly Store. I love that they have a whole section of organic toys and I think their little creatures have so much personality. They have everything from cute little animals to more fanciful, make believe characters. I also really like that they carry heating cushions. I can see giving these as gifts to grown-ups. I mean really, if someone gave me this Heating Sheep, I'd be a happy kid! How fun would it be to add a heating plushy to a get well gift? Even better, how about including one in a wool lovers gift basket?

Anyway, I don't often plug just random companies here at Wind Rose fiber Studio, but for a company who sells cute, cuddly sheep, I had to make an exception. I have a feeling I'm not the only fiber enthusiast drawn to sheep themed toys. What studio would be complete without a few cuddly sheep?

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