Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cotton ~ Ginned and Combed

I'm back today with more fibers to share. Honestly, I've just been trying to stay on top of things this month. I've been restocking, dyeing as well as trying to find time to be creative. Some months this feels like quite a challenge. My kids both have busy schedules this January, so that's making life more interesting.

Today I'm playing show and tell with my cotton. Last year I started carrying two forms of cotton at Wind Rose. On the left is Ginned Pima Cotton. For cotton, this ginned Pima has a long staple length of 1 to 1.5 inches. It's named for the Pima Indians who grew, spun and wore cotton. It's also the accepted generic name for all American Egyptian Cottons. This cotton contains very little vegetable matter and is wonderful for spinning. A little gentle fluffing and carding and you'll be a happy spinnner. It's also a very popular natural stuffing for primitives, Waldorf dolls, and other handmade creations.

If prepared fiber is more to your liking, I also have Acala Cotton Roving. This is Acala Cotton that has been cleaned of all vegetable matter and combed into a nice pencil roving. It's all ready for spinning and a great way to try out cotton for the first time. Doll makers seem to like this preparation too. It's so smooth and can be perfect for filling little arms and legs.

I have both of these fibers listed in one, two and four ounce lots, but if you need more for your project, feel free to contact me through the shop I usually have a pound of two available.

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