Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 2012 Ornament Project ~ February Preview

It's February which means it's time for a February Ornament.  I wasn't exactly planning to have my ornaments ready on the first day of each month, but I had a little inspiration this morning.  I also wasn't planning to have my ornaments be a reflection of their individual months, but my son insisted that I should make some sort of heart.  Inspiration plus insistence equals The Circle of Hearts Ornament.

I could have just crocheted a heart, but let's face it, there are already a lot of free crochet patterns for hearts.  It would be hard to come up with something original.  I've also never been a big "heart" person.  I'm all for love, but I don't tend to buy heart shaped jewelry, figurines and such.  So, how does one make a heart, that's not too hearty and a little different from every other heart out there? 

I started to think about going three dimensional which is when the ideas began to flow.  This six sided, circle of hearts is the result.  From the side it looks like a cute little scrunchie.  From the top you can see the six rounded tops of the hearts forming a star shape, but if you fold apart the sides, you have an undeniable heart.  See?  Hearts, but not too hearty. 

I'm kind of pleased with February's ornament.  I would never have come up with it if my son hadn't requested a heart shape.  Sometimes it pays to listen!  I have the pattern all worked out.  Now I just need a little time to write it down and take a few pictures.  Although the finished ornament looks simple enough, I don't know that I could give this ornament an easy rating.  You'll need to feel comfortable working in the round and identifying stitches for stitch placement.  I think a little previous crochet experience will be helpful with this design. 

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